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In our country there are thousands of street boys and girls that have fled from their
homes due to ill treatment and family violence, but also because of the situation of
extreme poverty. They sleep in the streets, parks and abandoned houses. They
survive by begging, theft,  prostitution and 99% are drug consumers, specially
inhalants and alcohol.

This situation brings IML, in 1993, to implement the Open Doors Therapeutic
Community for the Children of the Streets, with the purpose of rehabilitating boys,
girls and adolescents consumers of psychoactive substances, promote their school
reinsertion, occupational training and finally the resident’s social reinsertion,
incorporating him to his family or to develop himself independently. The
Therapeutic Community achieves a re-socialization and rehabilitation of the same.

In this sense, Instituto Mundo Libre gives the children an integral attention,
corresponding to their physical, psychological  and social needs.

Between 1993 and 2010,  according to statistic of IML and considering  the stable
population of children and adolescents that have participated in  the program, the
achievements gained  are the following:

  • 2300 children have participated in the program
  • 90%  stopped drug consumption
  • 45% attend school: regular system and non-regular
  • 20% have been reinserted to their families
  • 80% of the resident’s families have been identified, participating in the family encounters and counseling.


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