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  1. Promote and develop solidarity actions, education and rehabilitation  in favor of the children al high risk, especially the children called street kids.
  2. Be promoters of the defense of the boys, girls and adolescents of the street, based on the Convention of Children Rights, approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations on November 20, 1989.
  3. Be opportunity promoters for social opportunities for children linked to the streets in fundamental areas, such as food, education and lodging.

Activities for Objective I

  • Make awareness campaigns at school level, giving prevention  programs on the subjects  such as: drug consumption, physical violence, sexual.
  • Establish contact with organizations linked to the problematic of childhood in high risk; NGO´s, Mothers Clubs, Glass of Milk Committee, Popular Diners, Churches,  as well as awareness campaigns.
  • Permanent and constant boarding for the objective population in their own living  areas; offering counseling , first aids, orientation of sexual health, play activities, sports activities.
  • Serve as link with the volunteers interested in collaborating with the institution.

Activities for Objective II

  • Active and permanent participation in WorkTables, Forums and Seminars that deal with the subject.
  • Establishing strategic alliances and support networks oriented towards the strengthening of the Project.
  • Making and broadcasting of information material.
  • Establish and maintain communication with organizations linked to the enforcement of Children and Adolescents Rights, Family Court, DEMUNAS, DESNAS, DECONAS, Minors Prevention  Centers, Police  Headquarters, local Governments, Health Services.

Activities for Objective III

  • Formulation and application of tools for the  build-up of information to the population at high risk and obtain a social diagnostic.
  • Offer options for the incoming of boys, girls and adolescents linked with the streets to Residential Attention or Rehabilitation Centers when all effort done by the family of origin have worn out.
  • Act as facilitators for the boys, girls and adolescents bound to the streets in their process of being active participants of their social development.

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